Sunday, August 27, 2006

big dreams in the big city (haha)

the plus side of living in a cave (or the combination of this and not having any real responsibilities as of yet) leads each of my nights to elaborately constructed dreams. this morning i woke up before my alarm only to remember that last night everything revolved around a party. despite the many sidetracks, the main plotline consisted of everyone meeting up for a last party in a futuristic austin with me before leaving. mike ruiz was bringing the dance party at a place in which when i left to take my drunk mother home, not only did maura borrow my camera and film two nude women and a man in the soapy bathtub at the party house and popsicles melting in the toilet, but preston's parents left me three messages about how i needed to talk to preston about his goals (which in all honesty, is a shot at my own shoddy upkeep of life's to-do list if i am to sound new age while simultaneously interpreting). elana and i had both taken off our bras at the party and danced like hippies to nineties music. yikes. two nights ago, i dreamed a dawn treader-esque ship dropped me off at the beach where my sister and i searched for something. i discovered a sand tunnel/worm hole to heaven and when i got there i kept trying to reach my sister on her cell phone. heaven, by the way, is a misting, tall thin rock formation with waterfalls flowing down each of its' sides that ends above the clouds.

this morning, only tiny amounts of light reach beyond the window and into the apartment as the clouds shift overhead and a drizzle melts the sidewalks.

kate turned twenty-four yesterday. and after devouring a yummy rudy's (the best polish bakery in the " the wood") bought strawberry cake, jake, nick, kate and i took a car to coney island. the wind on the boardwalk whipped around, making it chilly for the multi-aged dance party by the beach or people watching at ruby's. let's get a few things straight,

rickety ass hundred plus year old wooden rollercoaster = most fun ever
freak at shoot the freak thrusting his pelvis = disgusting
nathan's hotdogs are the greatest
there is always someone dancing at ruby's on the boardwalk
killer murals everywhere, including amazingly elaborate super eighties airburshed backgrounds for most of the rides
handpainted signs...a designer's secret wet dream

it was cloudy and cool, especially out by the ocean that stretched out gray into the horizon. i took this as a sign that i will not make it through the winter. be prepared.

in addition to coney island, other delights thus far have included taro root ice cream at a place christa and i discovered while wandering around, being given dirty looks for not having the $25 dollar minimum corato's II wanted for a credit card swipe, and reveling in disco songs the elegance that pirouette wafers.

i was also sick and in bed for a day and useless the next this week. :(


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