Tuesday, August 29, 2006

oeuf loves honking

outside it is drizzling and car horns are pissed off at the big truck blocking the street. jake woke us up this morning to help him paint a floor in a gallery he's been working under to create a space. though i walked through the mist (like gandalf) back to the m, showered upon coming home and changed into fresh clothes, i swear i still smell the polyurethane.

right now it's all about the chocolate soy milk, going for a unabomber home look and these creepy bugs i keep seeing (twice).

when does fall officially start? i think i like the word autumn better, but i won't kid myself. that's not going to happen. in lieu of the upper sixties weather we've been having, i began a new chapter in the musical world of kelly green: the fall collection playlist. which thus far includes the following:
caetano veloso's lost in paradise
gal costa's taureg
abba's knowing me, knowing you
sufjan steven's that dress looks nice on you

the revenge of the bookeaters took place last wednesday. mr. sufjan steven's performance was goosebump inducing in the truest sense. and sarah vowell read a new essay about explorer and cartographer charles pruess. i decided i loved her more than ever.


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