Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the transition is golden

my god, j. timberlake. could love/stoned be any more of an amazing song?

this morning, as opposed to yesterday, i desired a little pop in my step/sit. headphones in, i sat listening to mr. timberlake and ms. minogue and smiling gleefully on my commute wishing i could break out the moves. of course, i resisted b/c being on a train for thirty minute with roughly the same people is not the most superb of places to do so. my eyes misted a bit (in the figurative sense) when discovering there would be no mike ruiz, no ladies, no dance parties in my near future.

in other news, i redesigned two subscription cards for the magazine and have been enjoying the illustrious tunes of beirut, the willowz and james figurine. the air is starting to grow cooler. dresses with gold paillettes and intricately sculpted lines pass by on a rack as i stare out beyond the leather boots and pretty patterns. the window resides behind shades to my left and too many feet away from my face.


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