Sunday, January 27, 2008

let the sun shine in

Lately, many of my days do not pass without at least several manic attacks..."must plan trip to Istanbul in November" which was somehow spawned from "must buy a thousand new scarves on the internet" or the ever ubiquitous "must have new job now" or "must live in new apartment asap". Over half of these desires consist of activities I have no control over for the time being (or more accurately no budget). However, the most frequent attack is not quite as manic and stalks about slowly like rolling thunder. "Must be motivated to get shit done" which is by far the hardest state to get in, b/c as much as I love to be accomplished, I hate getting started. It probably signifies what some would deem selfish or immature, but as far as jobs aka careers go, I have a vague idea of where I would like to go, but only if I am allowed to take as many vacations as I want in the midst of pursuing said goals. At some point today, Nick and I will purchase our tickets to Berlin after growling over the very specifics of our schedules. At least that will get done. But like I said, vacations fall into heavy desire...starting a potential job's third round design project, not so much.


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