Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

In the midst of a crowd of people on the train rides to and from the city, I spent some quality time attempting to pick out an absolute "right here, right now" track for my latest endeavor, Audio Time Capsule. A Death Cab for Cutie song that had me tearing up as I listened to it (b/c apparently there is a ticking time bomb in a 19 year old girl that explodes upon her 20th birthday causing eyes to brim with water over emotional movie moments and touching songs that speak so deeply to one's self for the rest of her adult life...). Tongue-in-cheek despair follows me unchecked, cynical and ever-present. My mind in two parts debating, "This is so real right now," and "This will be hilarious when I look back on it in a few years." Like the diary entry written at age eleven featuring a poem about how sisters stink or the terribly embarrassing tribute to age 17 and yikes, hormones. It's being aware of adulthood, but pondering where the familiar went.


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