Friday, July 25, 2008

Mix Tapes

Growing up, I listened to the oldies station, flitted into a brief, but embarrassing alternative rock phase, traipsed through the necessary indie phase and finally settled into the fringes with a mix of everything good for the ears.

Train rides to the city consist of podcasts that I can't focus on when they actually air on the radio (as I managed to pick a career that requires enough attention to detail that everything else melts into background noise the second my mouse clicks to open Illustrator and adjust the kerning). WNYC's Soundcheck recently aired an episode devoted to the mix tape, a topic which sums up much of my teen angst years. I manage to hold on to all those tapes and cds from a plethora of friends and more than friends made up of songs that worked together to describe the time and place at that moment. I remember sitting in front of the boom box I saved up for while in junior high, radio on and fingers hovering urgently over record waiting for the station to play whatever awful song was currently in rotation.

This stop start fixation.

Damion and I used to pass mixes back and forth during the last half of my senior year in high school (see above for a mix from me to him). I drove down 35 from Austin regularly to kick around San Marcos, hold hands and shuffle through leaves on the sidewalk. He was probably where I am now, grumbly and overwhelmed with life, and I was this young, overly enthusiastic kid, and somehow it just worked for a while.


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