Friday, May 01, 2009

An Overcast Morning

White cup, black lid, brown sleeve.

As of late I've been spending many an uneventful hour hunched over a computer screen (bad posture) as outside the window "life goes on" behind breathing, sheer curtains. Diffused sunlight and the spring awakening of the birds and the many people who share the view into our respective backyards. As the sun sets, a sublime reverberation begins and is combined of Yeasayer, the ice cream truck, sirens and honking and depressed gas pedals or the Spanish band that practices within a window I have yet to pinpoint. I can't get beyond Rear Window references. Meanwhile out of the front windows or from the rooftop, the buildings of an infamous skyline soften from golden orange to many shades of grays and blues that become pierced with small lights that represent each and every person living or working within their walls.