Sunday, May 02, 2010

Practically Begging

Practically summer. Sprawled out in minimal attire with windows open in an attempt to reenergize the stagnant air. The day surprisingly silent aside from an opened fire hydrant dribbling onto the asphalt street, the occasional car swiftly traveling down Flushing, and the periodic disturbance of voices or horns. Remnants of intensity struggle to stay fresh, but are lulled between sleeping and waking.

I kind of enjoy using crass terms for boning. Namely boning. hahaha. "Let's bone." This is usually rejected though. Alas.

I want ice cubes to crunch. I debated making ice popsicles (icicles?), but decided against it. A little too dullsville. Koolaid popsicles though...there's an option.


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