Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the day of another dream.

The idea of being stoned with you in the park is enthralling.

The word "brother" to be tattooed onto my skin. It's like when our fingers intertwine each other upon the couch and we hold fast. So many points in which I wrestled too closely to someone in the past. Once on his bed, innocence fleeting, exhausting and abruptly awkward. Once from the floor to the bed, clothes shoved up or down and off and onto the floor, fierce and breathless. And once we could feel each other's quickened heartbeats, my face in your chest and your thigh between my legs, instant and unstoppable.

Smoky eyes with curling lashes. The light from the next room shifts into darkness and skin warm to the touch. I can feel the music in me as the beats push forward. Something familiar for now, a song with memories of concrete, the rushing breeze and overwhelming surroundings.

A picture in my mind of you so rarely without intimacy attached. The periphery of you in close embrace, the look in your eyes, the long kiss in. Three brief moments of time separated by months and years, but somehow trailing from the root of something planted long ago. The trailing ribbon of a drifting balloon.

We grow older everyday.


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