Wednesday, January 05, 2011

hear me play my violin again.

We are honorable people. Though perhaps to a fault at times.

When the air first felt crisp, a stranger asked me if it was possible to love two people at once. I said no, but really I don't know.

I reveal all, but nothing as we drive together. A collection of hilarz anecdotes released into the universe to cement our friendship even more. Yes, I kind of like being choked, but you call somebody Daddy. So, we're even.

Good bye, small place of golden grasses and open skies. But what do I return to? The cold, vibrant darkness of a living city. I wonder if I turn myself off. I please, but I compromise.

Pull my hood up and move on.

My sweater holds the scent of campfire. You found me drunk and holding tight, fluctuating between giddiness and solitude. At these moments, I flash hints at a sadness that lingers ever on. The hidden side revealed. And the sloppiness lets it slide.

I am lonely, and I want to get laid. Internally, I debate how long to hold out prior to instigating an exploration that will ultimately lead to an undesirable conversation. I guess I'm incapable of not speaking up.

The loss of you.

Place your hands upon my waist and I am yours completely in that instant. My head buried in your chest and your fingers in my hair. I close my eyes and nothing else.

You are umm, invigorating. And so much is on the table. Our unspoken truths.

Shout sing the words on the radio to supplement the broken seal.

Caffeine jitters make me wild in the eyes. I am shaking, but the uncertain sloshing in my gut pulls me down. Be honest. Doped in memories and always reaching, always touching with a hand that has held yours. Skinny legs and strong arms. The ground is thousands of feet below my own.

I want to give you all.

The time ticks towards dawn. A new day and this is where we are.


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